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Curtis Instruments, Inc. is a world leading expert in the electrification of vehicles, equipment and machinery, providing integrated EV and hybrid systems. Curtis integrates the hardware and software of the entire vehicle control system from the allocation of System-I/O, to the design of the vehicle's electrical schematic and CANbus system architecture. Thanks to Curtis’ proprietary Vehicle Control Language (VCL), skilled Curtis engineers can quickly develop the vehicle application layer software needed to fully integrate all CANbus devices on the system, and provide the features, functionality and safety your vehicle requires.

Curtis will support your engineering team at every step in the vehicle’s development from initial prototype design through to production release. Curtis partners with vehicle manufacturers as needed, whether it is to assist with the design and development of a complete drivetrain for a new on-road EV, or simply to determine the most appropriate Curtis motor controller to suit an existing drivetrain design.

Curtis offers a wide range of motor controllers for every application, and in most cases, we can meet all OEM requirements with our standard product platforms and VCL software customization. We can also partner with major vehicle manufacturers to develop fully optimized custom controllers and integrated systems to their exact specifications. Curtis engineering expertise spans 63 years in all types of electric vehicle for virtually any application.

Since 2022, Curtis is part of the Kohler Energy Group, which includes engines, generators and clean energy solutions. The Kohler Energy Group is a global leader in sustainable mission-critical power generation, stand-alone generators, and total standby power solutions, commercial and industrial microgrids, and more.

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